Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Shades of Ocean - More FFOs

Did I mention I thought I was rather a prolific seamstress in January? Apart from Lola, the dress-to-skirt refashion and three scrap-busting undies, there were two more UFOs I managed to finish last month. Both had already been cut out but never stitched.

The first is another version of Ottobre 05/2008-14, a raglan-sleeved top I had cut out a year and a half ago. Don't ask why I never stitched it, I have no idea. Possibly because I thought I didn't like the fabric after making up the first, coral one, but while they came from the same lot of coupons, this sea-green version feels a bit heftier, stretchier and nicer to me. Or it may just be the fact that I added some gathering to the neckline, and lowered it by a couple of centimeters, same as I did for Strawberry Stripes.
This is my balcony, btw. I can't wait for spring, and flowers.
It isn't really anything special, but it's a nice basic longsleeve in a colour I like. Especially combined with dark navy. I think it might see a lot of wear, as soon as the weather is warm enough. The neckline is finished with a band, and both sleeves and hem are turned under and zigzagged.
This is my red sofa. Being able to switch up inside photo locations is fun!
Finally Finished Object No. 2 is a dress I started on before moving last November, and didn't manage to finish. Shell and bodice lining were already cut out, it was just missing the skirt lining and stitching.
This is how I go out in winter, if it isn't too cold. Knee-high boots with knee-high wooly socks, termal tights, and a vest and longsleeve under the dress, plus down coat.
It's another version of McCalls M6011, same as my Rose dress, and a perfect dress for someone as full- and short-waisted as me. I look like I actually have a waist and cleavage. ;)
My new bookshelf! I love how big it is! Also: Kumquat tree.
The fabrics are both rayon, bought at a nearby department store for about 10€/m. There's still some left, I wonder what to make with it?
The construction of the dress was pretty straightforward, although since I lined it, I used a couple of extra steps, like the roll-up move to attach the lining to the armholes (like explained in the Colette Rooibos booklet, the original instructions have you do it by hand) and sandwiching the bodice and lining between the midriff shell and lining (as explained in the Colette Parfait booklet - although for this step I always forget not to sew all the way to the end, to be able to close the side seams afterwards...).
It makes for a nicely finished inside, anyway. The one thing I messed up was buying a zipper that was too short. Memo to myself: 20 cm isn't enough for a side zip. 25 cm might be ok, but not 20. The result of which is that while getting it on and zipping it up is fine, getting it off means some serious wiggling.
Also, I must have messed up the front bodice length somehow. It didn't want to match at all! But nobody ever looks at the sides of dresses. And you won't tell, will you?


I don't have anything to show for February, yet, although I did some mending for my boyfriend. Attached 5 buttons to 3 pairs of trousers, and exchanged one front fly. That was an adventure... I have at least two more dresses planned for this month, though. Time to get started!

Friday, February 1, 2013

January Scrapbusting: Knickers

So the January theme for the Stash Busting Sew-along was "itty bits/scrap busting", and since I'm really bad at making stuff that is non-wearable (e.g. jewellery, pouches, totes, purses and bags... or possibly child clothing) I decided on getting out my jersey scraps and some elastic lace and making knickers!
The pattern is my own, traces from my favourite pair of undies, and very similar to this (free!) pattern. It originally comes without side seams, which I usually like a lot, but with the limited fabric amount of my scraps, I put in side seams to make the most of them.

The scraps are leftovers of 1. my wild print jersey dress, 2. the lining of my fleece jacket and 3. the hem of a skirt I shortened for a friend. They all came out cute and rather comfy, I think (and nice enough that my sister has announced that she's like to have the rose print one - cheeky gal - and a copy of the pattern and for me to go jersey shopping with her).

Here's a linky party of what itty bits the other stash busters came up with.

What's your favourite itty bit to make from leftover scraps?