Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Oh my gosh! Is anyone else having a busy summer? What with writing job applications, visiting two summer schools and a choir rehersal weekend, I've hardly had time for myself (or sewing, or blog-reading) in what feels like forever (so, at least a month ;). This finding-a-job thing is also not quite as easy as I had hoped, for various reasons. Still, I have my first job interview tomorrow. Hooray! Wish me luck.

While I do have a couple of projects to show you from last month, they haven't been photographed properly yet. So maybe you'd like to see a few pictures from my gallivanting around the country. :)
a field on my way between breakfast and meditation practice
I walked by these beautiful poppies every day
yarn bombing. so pretty!
choir retreat by a beautiful lake.
a pretty bug sharing the lake-view with me.
Harvesting the first tomatoes. I planted six different kinds, and four of those are already ripening. Small red ones, medium red ones, biggish red ones and the yellow ones. :D

How's your summer going, this far?