Monday, March 31, 2014

Crazy March

Is anyone else having a crazy spring? I can't believe we switched to daylight saving yesterday and tomorrow is already the 1st of April.

There's so much I'm meaning to do all the time and somehow I never end up doing it. My to-sew list is growing longer all the time. One of these days I should really do my taxes (first time, ever!). There are forms I haven't filled out yet and I really need a new hair cut. I also really wanted to take part in the Spring Cleaning Swap Meet, but didn't manage to photograph or measure my fabrics in time.

Then again, I've planted about sixteen different tomato seeds and am waiting for them to sprout. The carrots are already showing a tiny pair of leaves. I also planted a few different herbs and a few chili seeds. I got myself a pair of IKEA shelves for my balcony, and a "tomato greenhouse".
I had a very lovely weekend in Volkach with my parents and boyfriend, doing some wine-tasting and generally having a good time.
My choir gave a really fantastic concert. (We don't have the videos yet, but this one is from one of our last concerts, and an original song from our choir leader to boot.)
And yes, I did get a bit of sewing done in the last month.
More Lolas. Two of them, actually, both green. I'll tell you about them soon.

And knickers. Three are finished already, the other three are still lacking their lace elastic.

And about the fabric giveaway - well, I've got a blogging anniversary coming up at the beginning of May. :)

What's occupying your time at the moment?

Sunday, March 9, 2014

On the Evolution of Style

A couple of weekends ago I did a garment swap with some friends, and in the process of culling my wardrobe came across a couple of pieces that have been in my wardrobe for quite some time. They got me thinking about what clothes and colours I like to wear and if and how much that has changed in the last few years.

This is the outfit I was wearing that day:
me-made aqua top and RTW skirt
And this is the outfit I found:
The top is probably the oldest one I own. I'm pretty sure I bought it when I was about 16 (a few months after I got together with my boyfriend), at H&M, together with a full, pleated red skirt of the exact same colour as the one above, but knee length. The skirt above is also from H&M and used to be knee length, I bought it a couple years later (after the pleated one ceased to fit me) together with a green tank top that I still wear. It got shortened three or four years ago and is still worn occasionally, although it's now starting to fall apart (which made me snatch up the skirt in the first pic when I saw it on sale).
I'd also love to wear the green boatneck more frequently, but aside from being at least a size to small now and rather short, it's also falling apart at the seams. Darn, since it's my absolute favorite shade of green!

So, I guess I'm just a bit predictable in my fashion choices, aren't I? ;)

I can tell some things have changed in the last decade, of course. After I realized about 8 years ago that my knees didn't look any uglier than everyone elses, hemlines started slowly creeping upwards. While I still like the occasional flowy skirt, I've grown to prefer a slightly slimmer silhouette. And after longingly looking at jersey dresses for about half my life, I finally realized that they actually look nice on me if they have some waist definition, thus pretty much revolutionizing my wardrobe.

Have your style and colour preferences changed much in the last decade?
In other news. I made waffles today. With strawberries and whipped cream! And I started tomato and herb seeds on my balcony. :D The halved plastic bottles function as little greenhouses...