Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Crazy April - Italian version

Oh, hi there! It probably won't surprise you that my April did not turn out appreciably less crazy than March... Although there was some sewing!

There was also some gardening.

And an Easter holiday in Lana, Alto Adige, Italy.

 Beautiful weather.
  Beautiful flowers.
 Pictures worth taking.
 Some me-mades (a.k.a. polka-dot leggings on the left and a new Moss skirt on the right!)
 A pretty amazing view.
New shoes. They're the most expensive pair I've ever bought, but they're Italian calf leather. And SO amazing!

Somehow, I didn't take any pictures of the food, which was also amazing. I left my knitting at home by accident, so no crafty things got done whatsoever. If you don't count cooking or baking, anyway. But I finished two Moss skirts (a blue wearable muslin, made from a fabric I've never heard about before: Ramie, and the flowery one made of stretch cotton/denim seen above) right in time for my holiday! I hammered a jeans button! More about that later - right after I finish telling you about the green Lolas...


Crazy or not, this is my absolute favorite time of the year. Lilacs are blooming. Chestnuts are blooming. The air smells incredibly sweet and flowery. It's almost warm enough to leave the house without a jacket in the morning. There's sunshine, and in between there's rain, and even the rain smells amazing. There's the first asparagus and the first strawberries, and it's warm enough to have dinner on the balcony. And I'm in no way exaggerating: there's no nicer smelling month than April. Warm rain on lilac and chestnut blossoms. It's the essence of early summer. And it makes me incredibly happy. :-)
And now I'm going to relinquish you from my babbling. There's going to be some more sewing related stuff soon. I promise.