Friday, May 23, 2014

Self-Stitched Weekends and Giveaway Winners

Hey y'all! I'll just cut out the complaining this time around, alright? I'm feeling very positive today, since I got some sewing done! Two tops for work, and they do feature polka dots, while still keeping with work outfit rules and looking vaguely professional. Yay! Pics soon. :)

I'm rather glad that I didn't officially take part in MMMay this year since even my vague pledge about wearing me-made knickers and self-stitched outfits on weekends got blown by a) occasionally forgetting to do the washing on time and b) a cold of epic proportions that hit me a couple of weeks ago which meant jammies and bed (and a glowing red nose) all weekend. I'm only now getting over the residual sniffles. Needless to say: no pictures.

My boyfriend took me out on a couple of weeknights, though, so I still have a pair of outfits for each week. Phew! ;) By chance, I even managed to wear garments made from the same pattern for each pair of outfits. *lol* I think Gillian is sending me subconcious thoughts...
May 12 and 13 feature my Coral Lola and Nautical Lola (with RTW cardi), respectively. Aww, how I love that pattern! So comfy! 

May 17 and 18 I wore my Hawaiian Macaron (with RTW cardi) and Fall Macaron (which luckily also works in spring).

About my blogiversary giveaway: thank you guys for participating! Of course I'm shipping internationally, or I would have said so. :) Luckily (for me, and you), the German postal system is pretty affordable even for shipping internationally - especially compared to others I've used (US or NZ, anyone?). To pick the winners, I made lists of who chose which bundle, and then used a random number generator. So, on to the winners:

Congratulations Ola, you won the blue bundle!

Congratulations Janou, you won the red bundle!

Congratulations Scruffybadger, you won the green bundle!

Congratulations Minnado, you won the white bundle!

Please send me an email with your address so I can get your prize to you! :) You can send it to aldara at gmx dot net.

Btw, I'm going to be in Liverpool and Edinburgh next weekend (May 29 to June 1). Does anyone have tips for nice fabric shops, pretty places to have a cup of tea or any other must sees? Or is any of you UK peeps somewhere near and wants to meet up for a cuppa?

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

MMMay '14?

So the first week of May is already nearly over, and I haven't even said a peep about this year's Me Made May. To be honest, I debated for a very long time if I should even take part. I loved all the me-made challenges that I took part in and last year I think I even managed to only repeat an outfit once or twice! But nowadays, I'm working five days of the week, and my work outfits for now consists of two pairs of black RTW trousers and a choice of two blouses and three fine-knit pullovers. Not very exciting. And I tend to just pull on some yoga pants and a t-shirt when I'm home. Not very exciting, either. (Dresses and skirts, for some reason, seem to be a no-go in a doctor's outfit over here. We either wear scrubs or a combo of smart trousers and a nice shirt/blouse/top in Germany!)
MMM Day 1 - Me-made polka dot dress, lacy tights and new Italian shoes.
But thinking about not doing any outfit posts for May left me feeling quite sad - so although I'm not officially taking part in Me Made May '14, I have decided to do a weekends-and-holidays edition! May 1 is Labor Day in Germany and an official bank holiday, and since it fell on a Thursday this year, we got a four day weekend. Yay! And we even get another long weekend in May (May 29 is the Christian holiday of Ascension, which is also a German bank holiday)! So there are some outfit posts to be had this month. Phew!
MMM Day 2 - Me-made strawberry stripe top and flowery Moss skirt.
I'm also going to be wearing a pair of me-made undies each day of the month, but there's not going to be any photo documentation... ;) The real challenge though, is that I'm determined to make myself at least one outfit for work this month! I'm planning on a pair of black linen trousers and a blouse (or two). I wonder if polka-dots are appropriate doctor's office wear...?
MMM Day 3 - Me-made striped top and blue Moss skirt.
Also speaking of long weekends. My boyfriend and I are coming to visit Great Britain from May 28 to June 1. We're visiting old friends from school, one is currently doing her doctoral thesis in Fishing Science in Liverpool, and after we spent a couple days there, we're going to visit another friend who's doing his doctoral thesis on Computer Linguistics in Edinburgh. I seem to have pretty smart friends (with a funny choice in subjects)... ;-)
MMM Day 4 - Me-made green-striped Lola.
Anyway, since travelling always is a wonderful excuse for fabric shopping, does anyone have a suggestion on where to get lovely fabrics? Or lives within a reasonable distance and wants to meet up for a cuppa? (I actually tried to get my boyfriend to agree to fly into Birmingham instead, and take a quick look at the famed Rag Market, bit air fares and travelling times proved too much...)

Hope you're having a lovely week!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Blogiversary and a Giveaway

Oh look, it's an anniversary! My little blog is turning four years old today! And as an interesting coincidence, I also noticed a couple of days ago that I had 199 published blog posts, so I decided to postpone my post about this year's Me Made May, making this also my 200th blog post. :)

To celebrate, I'm giving away four fabric bundles. :)
the blue bundle
the green bundle
The fabrics are all from my stash, and I sorted them (sort of, hehe) by colour scheme. Some fabrics are remnants from garments I made, sized like large-ish scraps. Some are full length pieces. Some I bought, some were gifted to me (mostly from the vintage fabric stash of my boyfriend's grandma). All of them are at least big enough to make a pillowcase or a kid-sized garment, and all bundles have at least one full-length piece.
the red bundle
the white bundle
To take part in the giveaway, please leave a comment on this blog post naming the bundle that you'd like to win and telling me which sewing pattern you're currently excited about. The giveaway ends on Sunday, May 11th at 11:59 local time (which is CE-DST, or MESZ, as we Germans say).

I guess I could write a very long blog post about the last four years, about learning to sew and growing as a seamstress, about all the inspirational and lovely sewing bloggers out there and how lovely it is to be part of that. But honestly, it's Sunday night after a beautiful but very full weekend, and I'm just a bit slow at putting my thoughts into acceptable English writing. ;) So just let me tell you 'thank you' for being such wonderful people, for coming over and reading and commenting, for the last four years, being part of this community.

(I have the feeling that I'm usually at least a tiny bit more eloquent but it really has been a long and exciting weekend. I think I'm going to bed early today...)

Anyway, hope you have a lovely week!