Tuesday, June 3, 2014

And: Some More Me-Made Weekend Days

I'm having the growing feeling that I'm slowly getting a bit bored with my wardrobe.
Shocking, isn't it? I don't even know why, since when I get the chance to browse, I'm still very much drawn to the usual: stripes, polka-dots, the occasional medium-sized flower print. Navy, white, red, and of course the obligatory off-shades coral and teal.

I guess my style has changed a bit since I started sewing. I wear less of the woven dresses and more knits. The hemlines got slightly shorter and the skirts less full. I finally realized that I think Peter Pan collars are too cute for my taste, and that there's a lot of garments I'd chose over wearing woven blouses. And I don't make skirts with straight waistbands anymore. ;-)

I haven't quite knuckled onto what I'm missing, though. I guess it's time for some Pinterest browsing and people watching? What's your current favorite garment to throw on and feel fantastic?

Anyway, I did wear me-mades on the last couple of weekends. I even (kind of) took Gillians suggestion of matching patterns. :D Kinda.
May 24 and 25: the obligatory knit summer dresses, made from my TNT self-draftet/traced top&dress pattern. Actually, the polka-dot dress has raglan sleeves and the striped skirt is slimmer and made of four panels instead of just front and back, but they're made from the same pattern anyway.

May 28: a dreadful airport pic, but the dress is made from the same pattern as the ones above. Normal sleeves and skirt, this time.
May 29 and 30: Hello Liverpool! Even though those outfits look similar if inverted, the patterns are different. The blue skirt is adapted from a Colette Meringue and the red&white top is from an Ottobre magazine. The blue top is one of the first I ever made and self drafted, the red skirt is Simplicity 2451.
May 31: Hello Edinburgh Castle! Yay for mixing and matching tops and bottoms, when you're going on holiday. And a Lacy Lola to go out for beer and fish'n chips. ;-)

So, that was May. Remembering my pledge besides doing me-made weekends: I also made a couple of work tops! And yes, they do feature polka dots. I've enjoyed wearing them a lot, but I don't have any pictures yet. I also haven't even started on the trousers, besides cutting out the Sewaholic Thurlow pattern. I think I'll muslin the shorts version first. Soon (ish).