Thursday, March 19, 2015

Winter Wardrobe - a pair of snuggly Lolas

Did you see the calender? It's already mid-March and spring is just around the corner! Actually, today was a very lovely and mild day, and I managed to run some errands riding my (new to me) bike (the old one was sadly stolen in January...). I also had a lovely coffee sitting in front of an Italian café in the sun, and it was warm enough to take off my jacket! Then I had the first gelato of the year. I felt like I was on a short spring holiday in Italy. :)
Now I had better tell you about the last of my winter makes before all I want to make and talk about is pretty spring dresses.

This one is a dress I've worn through most of January. I hardly ever wanted to take it off. Warm! Soft! Snuggly!
The pattern is, of course, the Lola Dress by Victory patterns, and I used a navy sweatshirt fabric with a little star print from The backside is a bit fluffy and so cozy!
You can't really see it very well but I drafted a hood (well, I copied it from a RTW sweater), and while I hardly ever wear it up, it's perfect for tucking in a scarf and protecting the neck from a nasty draft. Smartly, I haven't actually taken any pictures of it. Oh well.

It also goes really nicely with the Anise jacket. :)
The other Lola is a refashion I made from a cardigan/coat thingy that was gifted to me by my paternal grandma last year. She was actually a seamstress when she was younger, though sadly we were never very close and I didn't even remember about that until a little while ago. She gave me that high quality wool sweater since it was too small for her, and it took me almost a year to think about something to refashion it into.
This is a modified Lola pattern, I eliminated the waist seam and left off the pockets. Even so, I hardly had enough fabric to work with but it worked out just so in the end. I left on the front pockets, which are now placed a little awkwardly right on the hips. I may have to take them off and attach them a little lower at some point... Turning the sleeves into raglan sleeves for the Lola left them 3/4 length, which isn't quite ideal for a winter dress. But then I got to keep the sleeve hem and the little buttons. :)
The dress turned out a bit short for my taste, and the wool is a little scratchy, so I haven't worn it all that often. It is toasty and I like that it reminds me of my grandma, though. :)

Is spring finally creeping into your corner of the world, too?