Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Me-Made-May 2015

Hi guys! Short question: can it really already be the last week of April? Honestly? Where did the time go? I spent four days last week in Munich on a course (learning how to do an ultrasound, cool stuff!) and when I got back two days ago, the lilacs and linden trees were in full bloom. It was raining. Rainy late spring days are my favorite, and a sure sign that summer is just around the corner. Wasn't it winter just a moment ago?

Ok, I'd better stop before I get into a long monologue about the fleetingness of time and life and whatnot. ;-) Anyway. Late spring of course means that Me-made May is just around the corner!

Like last year, I thought long and hard about participating. The first ever Me-made May in 2010 was actually one of the reasons I got into the blogosphere, one of the reasons I started sewing with a mind to an actual everyday wardrobe. Self-stitched September of that year was my first me-made challenge, and I haven't left one out since, even though last year I only did me-made weekends. I have a similar "problem" this year, which will probably continue for years to come: German doctors wear scrubs. Actually, working in a practice you can often get away with wearing a lab coat over "normal" clothes, but in hospital, it's definitely scrubs (or, in my case, white trousers and a white polo shirt).

I've decided to not let it bother me, though. :-) I wear regular clothes on my way to and from work. There's weekends and evenings and days-before-nightshift. I've lately been feeling that I wear the same three jersey dresses pretty much all the time. So yes, there is definitely going to be a Me-made May for me this year. It's time to get out of the rut. So:

'I, Alessa from, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '15. I endeavour to wear only me-made garments aside from bras, tights and outerwear each day for the duration of May 2015, additionally I will endeavour to wear trousers at least once a week and try not to duplicate any outfits.'

I probably won't be participating much in the social media aspects of the challenge. I haven't written a blogpost in six weeks, and haven't yet managed to blog about any of my makes from this year. My blog reader sports a backlog of about three weeks which translates into 300+ blogposts, so I'm already quite behind on pretty much everything that's going on. ;-) I'm a bit sad about it, since the discussions and the getting to know each other and finding new blogs to follow are some of the things I liked best about this challenge. Then again, I quite enjoy what free time I have in RL. So we'll see how much I manage. My outfits will definitely come up here (probably once a week) and possibly on instagram and I'll probably look into the flickr group now and then. Apart from that, we'll see.

Are you participating?