Sunday, September 20, 2015

Summer Sewing I

Oh, hi! Look who it is - yes, that's me. Not quite sure how to start this blog post, since reiterating that time's flying by incredibly fast feels like I'm repeating myself ad infinitum. But yes, um, it's been more than two three months. *waves* Life happened, and summer happened, and I'd like to pretend that I took an intentional break from blogging and blog reading, but it just kinda happened. Oh well. There was a lot of reading (books) and meeting friends and enjoying the sun though. Lots of work. A bit of travelling and knitting. And a bit of sewing, too. :-)

Has anyone else noticed that Bloglovin' has started to delete all unread posts that are older than about 20 days? Like, sometime in April? I haven't been reading blogs with any kind of regularity since I started working on-call, but even less since Bloglovin' made it impossible to catch up. So if you've been wondering why I barely comment, that's why. I've even put together a must-read list, but still can't manage to keep up. Oh well. It hasn't been a priority, I guess. Happily, I manage to check my Twitter and Instagram once or twice a day on my commute, so I'm not totally out of the loop. ;-) If I'm not following you already, feel free to put a link in the comments!

So, sewing. As with most years, my summer to-sew list was way longer than what I actually managed to make, but I did manage some crucial bits:

Bombshell Swimsuit

That must have been my favorite part of summer sewing! I spent a week at my parents' while it was 30+ degrees outside, and whiled away a couple of afternoons on the veranda putting this together.
The fabric is quite lovely, a hawaii print bathing suit fabric that Gillian graciously picked out and sent to me, because it is entirely impossible to get bathing suit fabrics in cute prints in Germany. Don't ask me why, everything I found online and at the shops was either boringly solid or weirdly neon or definitely old-lady prints. Anyway, thanks again, Gillian!
As you can see, I am a tiny bit uncomfortable posing in a swimsuit. Even though this one makes you feel remarkably covered. :-)
For a bathing suit, this took quite a while putting it together what with all the layers and the gathering and the elastic. It's worth it, though, since the look seems to be flattering on pretty much anybody. :-) Thanks for this wonderful pattern, Heather!
In the end, there are a couple of things which I am not quite happy with, and will do differently when I make another version (there's still a red&white polka-dot fabric, also sent to me by Gillian, waiting for it's turn!). For one, the suit is quite snug on me. I can get it over my hips, but it's really hard when wet, next time I should probably go up a size. Not quite sure if I measured myself incorrectly or if it's the fact that I'm pretty sure I used bigger seam allowances than the included 1/4 inch, what with all the basting and gathering.

The other thing is that I used a quite substantial nude swimsuit lycra as a lining, instead of the recommended (mesh) swimsuit lining. This makes the suit quite heavy, especially when the 3 layers and all that gathered fabric are dripping wet, plus it takes forever to dry! Does anyone know a (European) source for swimsuit lining - the thin, mesh-like stuff?

Green Maxi Dress

This is the dress I spent most of my summer wearing. Honestly, I think I only took it off to wash it. ;)
It's a rather lovely, thin jersey with a bit of texture to it. The pics actually don't do the colour justice, it's really quite a bit more vibrant in real life. The pattern is just a version of my regular go-to to with lowered neckline, no sleeves and two little tucks below the bust.
The skirt is mostly a trapezoid with slits from the knee down. And no, I didn't bother to finish the slits or hem. But it's got binding at the neckline and armholes and clear elastic to stabilize the waist.
It's nothing fancy, just the best sort of secret pyjamas really. I think maxi dresses are my new love affair for summer. You always look put together, even you missed shaving your legs for a few days in a row. ;-)

That's actually only the beginning of what I made this summer. More to follow. And then I may even manage to tell you about my fall sewing plans...