Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Winter Sewing Plans

Well, well, well. I don't know how this happened, but this post has been sitting around unfinished for over six weeks... I titeled it "Fall Sewing Plans", because back then, we were just going into the crisp, colourful part of fall, but by now I'm guessing winter isn't far around the corner, and the pretty red and yellow leaves have already turned dry and brown and fallen down. I also hear that we may be getting snow next weekend...
So it's a good thing that I've done at least a bit of fall sewing already, but since this post has been sitting around already half-finished, why waste it?? So here we go.

A while ago, I catalogued the fall/winter appropriate fabrics in my fabric stash. There are really quite a few, enough probably to make a whole wardrobe without buying anything new. Which means I really only have to pair fabrics with appropriate patterns and prioritize, and voilà: sewing plan! (Hehe, funny me, I never stick to plans anyway. But the planning itself is sort of nice...)

The next question, of course, if there's anything I need to make, to close a wardrobe gap. Well. I have the feeling that it would be nice to have a couple more leggings, and maybe a pair of Hudson pants, to lounge around at home. I also would love one of those warm, wooly, long cardigan, which seem to be in fashion right now, although that's probably something best knitted, which I'm not sure if I could finish in any reasonably amount of time. Apart from that, I think I don't have any actual "needs".

So, let's start with a few of the fabrics I'm really excited about! The first three are from Lillestoff, which had a pop-up store in Berlin a little while ago. I never tried them before (I usually stick to the cheaper fabrics) but after reading several gushing reviews (by Heather and Mary, among others), I had to at least have a look. The ones shown here are a cotton/spandex jersey with rose print, a black & silver metallic sweater knit and another teal/white striped sweatshirt knit.
I'm not sure what to make with the rose print yet. Possibly a simple long-sleeved jersey dress, maybe one with a knot detail. I'm pretty sure it will need a solid black midriff band, and possibly solid black neckline and cuff bands, to break up the rose theme a bit.
The metallic one will be a sweater dress. I'm not sure yet if I will go the princess-seamed, Lola-without-the-pockets route, or if there will only be bust darts. I think I'm going to make that one my Christmas dress. Sort of a casual-chic, glittery, secret pyjama dress. My favoirte kind. ;-)
Jasper dress
Now, the striped one will definitely be a Lola, or possibly a Paprika Patterns Jasper dress. Since the colour scheme is more spring/summer, maybe it will keep for next year. 
Oh look, more flower prints! I really love the print of the topmost fabric, and was meaning to make leggings with it when I ordered it online. It turned out to be a ponte/romanit jersey, though, with limited stretch and recovery, so now I'm a bit stumped. I've never used that kind of fabric before. So... probably a dress? Or maybe some kind of zippered jacket thingy? I've got the Waffle Patterns Cookie Blouson pattern... But I'm open for suggestions.
The striped one will probably be a longsleeved shirt. And I've already made up the bottom two fabrics. If you're following me on Instagram, you may already have seen the results. Hoping to blog about those soon!
This is my pile of miscellaneous jersey, most of them impulse buys from the Holland Fabric Market. I should stop that, all of them are just 1 m coupons, too. I was meaning to use the two at the top for a colourblock Jasper dress. And maybe make shorty pyjamas from the two in the middle...? I'm seriously short on sleep shorts (pun intended) at the moment, and they're practically all I wear to bed, even in winter. ;-) Last one is a nice, silky rayon jersey, destined to be a top of some sort.
These are my actual winter weight fabrics. A jersey jacquard at the top, followed by a textured wool knit and two textured cotton/poly knits. I bought the first one in inspiration of Gillians fabulous Jasper dress and want to shamelessly copy it, if I can find another nice textured fabric to go with it. Sadly, I think the wool fabric below it is a bit too heavy to work. I see that one as a sleeveless jumper dress, maybe with a cowl. No idea what to make with the dotty fabric, it's another online buy and I didn't anticipate the dots to be so close together, the effect is a bit psychedelic. Maybe a figure hugging skirt, though? What I wanted to make was a polka-dotted blazer, but for that I think the fabric isn't quite right.
The last one is a souvenir fabric from last year, when we were visiting B.'s grandparents in Wiesbaden. I guess I'm getting a bit repetitive when I say I planned on making a dress with it, probably long-sleeved and A-line, maybe with a bit of a 60s mod feel to it.
Another pile of miscellaneous fabric. The one at the top is a stretch cotton, which I thought might make a fun pair of leggings. Fun fact: it has no crosswise stretch at all, only stretches length-wise. Why??? Again, I'm open for suggestions. If I can think of nothing else, I guess it will make a cute little girl's dress (seeing as I recently acquired a 1-year-old goddaughter :D).
The lace print rayon is quite thin, and also just a 1 m coupon, but I was wondering if I couldn't maybe manage to get a Colette Macaron dress out of it, using either black stretch lace or jersey for the yoke and sleeves. And the last two fabrics are a leftover from another jersey dress. I've been thinking about making a kimono-sleeved top with a patterned back and solid front. I've never actually worn a kimono top, so I have no idea if it's my kind of thing at all, but it's fun to try something new once in a while.
Ooh, blue stretch lace and matching jersey! The lace is actually a cut up dress that I won in an internet giveaway a few years back, which sadly didn't fit me at all. Low-waisted, dirndl-skirt dresses just don't work for me. I've always been meaning to salvage the fabric, 'cause it's really nice and a lovely colour. If I raise the waist and make the skirt an A-line, I'm pretty sure that should turn out nicely.
And last but not least, I bought that blue&black wool fabric at the most recent Holland Fabric Market. It's destined to be a princess-seamed winter coat, but I'd really like to pair it with a nice, solid black fabric for the sides and possibly the sleeves. I'm still on the lookout for some decent black wool fabric, though, and I haven't found my pattern yet, either. I think view B of McCall's M5525 (with long sleeves) is rather cute, but I also really like Simplicity 2508, especially with the funnel collar in the white version.
I've dithered about getting either of them, because they seem to be difficult to get in Germany and shipping prices from the US are quite ridiculous. Maybe I'd better have a look through the current Burdastyle patterns, to see if I can find something nice there... ;-)

So, that's it for my fall/winter sewing plans! If I actually manage all of that, I will be quite impressed. ;-) Then again, depending on how long winter is going to last, it might even be possible. I started a new job at the beginning of November, where I only work 4 days a week, which so far has been absolutely fantastic! For now I'm still catching up on stuff that has been piling up the last few months, but once I get that done, I'm hoping to make that one my sewing day. :-)

Do you have any definite sewing plans for winter? Anything exciting? Coat sewing?