Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Bread & Butter Sewing so far

It's half time at the Bread&Butter sewing challenge, so let's see how far I've got:
Apart from the three Oslo cardigans, I've made:

- two pairs of PJs (patterns used: a shortened Cake Patterns Espresso Leggings and my Ottobre raglan top)

- a long-sleeved Victory Lola with an added collar

- a yoke dress, losely based on my modification of the Colette Macaron pattern

- a very simple knit skirt with an elastic waist, based losely on the Paprika Patterns Jade skirt pattern

- the refashion of a men's shirt, based losely on the Deer&Doe Bruyère pattern

Yes, it does seem that I'm playing fast and lose with my pattern collection. It's fun!

I have planned on writing a bit more about some of those garments. I have another yoke dress cut out, another Bruyère planned (not to mention, I haven't blogged about the one I made last spring) - but maybe you don't need to hear much more about the Lola (already exhaustively covered) or the PJs (cute, but not that intersting). I've also a half-completed Paprika Patterns Jasper pullover in the works (which I need to take in, it's huge). And then there's that handbag!

Funny, how much faster "Sewing with a Plan" seems to be... ;-)

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