Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Me-made May - It's Half-time!

Whew, May is already half over and it seems like spring is well onto its way of segueing into summer. Meanwhile it seems like my weekly to-do list is ever growing. Which means sewing has fallen a bit to the wayside. Those two woven dresses cut out in April? (Plus two jersey dresses, one cut out in March?) Still lying on their little project heaps. At least I've almost finished my taxes... (being a grown-up is rather lame sometimes...)

Not to say I haven't been sewing at all - theres a couple of little projects for everyday that came off my sewing machine.
A bike seat cover, to protect my bum from the rain (the pretty waterproof fabric is from IKEA).
One of those simple drawstring backpacks that are all the rage in Berlin. I swear, everyone has one. Are they cool anywhere else, too? Those bags remind me of being little, the last one I had was in kindergarten, for PE, one that my mom sewed herself. It was blue and had little triangles all over it... :-)

Anyway, me-made May. I've been faithfully taking pictures and posting them on Instragram, though I missed one day (which I spent sick in bed in my me-made jammies).
bottom: day 1-4, top: day 5-9 (day 7 missing)
The most challenging thing about me-made May this year is actually deciding each morning if I will need that particular outfit another day later in the month. I'm trying not to double any outfits, so I've actually been grabbing my lesser worn clothes first, to kinda "keep" my favs. Sounds a bit silly, doesn't it? It's mostly true for the dresses, anyway, since I think I have enough mix&match separates to keep me going for a pretty long while without doubling up (oh the beauty of maths... ;-).
top: day 10-12, bottom: day 13-16
It also seems that my colour palette is pretty consistent. Navy, green and the shades inbetween, red, and a bit of black&white. I hope that will help me plan a few more short-sleeved tops to accompany the skirts I've been sewing during spring. BTW, do you have any recommendation for pretty jersey top patterns for spring/summer (so, short-sleeved or sleeveless and not your run-of-the-mill t-shirt)?