Sunday, July 31, 2016

Maxi-mising my Summer Wardrobe

I hope you see what I did in the title.. ;-)
Summer is moving right along. I feel like I hardly have much time left to do all the summer sewing I'd been meaning to. Two more weeks, then my family will be here for a bit of vacation and then it'll be September already, and probably high time to start on the plans for fall sewing. Oh well.

My current summer fav for wearing in any weather (since Berlin summer can be anything from rainy 18°C to tropical 32°C) are maxi dresses. I love when there's a bit of a breeze ruffling the skirt, and it works both for during the day and to go out in the evening. A maxi dress and a cardi are pretty much all you need for Berlin weather (at least if you're carrying an umbrella). ;-)
So this one is made from the same more-or-less self-drafted pattern as my other two jersey maxi dresses. There are little tucks under the bust in lieu of darts (inspired by the Moxie patterns Verity dress) and the skirt is a simple trapezium/trapezoid, with side slits going halfway up. I tend to knot the sides when I'm walking or cycling, so the skirt doesn't drag or get between my feet... :-)
This time around, I used clear elastic on the arm holes and neckline, just stitched it on with a three-step-zigzag, turned it under and used my coverlock for topstitching. It turned out better than I thought, although I think I still like bound necklines better.

While I'm at it, I think I didn't manage to blog about one of last year's maxi dresses yet. Even though I took some actually rather nice pictures (using an actual DSLR!) last year on my parents' porch!
I really like the fabric, it's a lovely cotton sateen border print that I bought in Hong Kong way back when (that would be... 2011 *phew*, five years ago already?!) The pattern is self-drafted, the back just a rectangle with shirring at the top. I'm not quite happy with the fit in the bodice, the bust is a bit too shallow, but it's wearable. I'm hoping to fix it in the next iteration...
It's not my most worn maxi dress (that would be my very first jersey maxi, the one inspired by Gillian). But it's nice to have variety. :-) Of which I now have quite a lot, especially since I wasn't quite convinced that the maxi dress trend was for me, in the first place. Now I'm wondering on what other trend I might be missing out. Jumpsuits, maybe...?

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Oh those Summer Day-to-Nights

Last Sunday was a beautiful, warm and sunny summer day, one of those that seem a bit rare over here this year. So when we went out to have some home-made lemonade and macarons, I decided to take the camera with me and take a few quick dress pictures.
These two dresses were actually made last fall, too late in the season for them to be worn. But as I had just bought the perfect pattern - the Maria Denmark Day to Night drape top - they wanted to be made right away.
You could say that I franken-patterned the dresses. The skirts are just plain half-circle skirts, really, but I'm seldon im the mood to play around with string so I used the very convenient Cake Patterns Tiramisu skirt piece.
Both dresses use clear elastic to stabilize the waist and back neckline.
I left the hems raw, since I'm lazy and the jersey doesn't fray.
Both are very drapey rayon jerseys, the green one from the Turkish fabric market in Berlin and the red one from Stoffmarkt Holland.
I guess there's not much else to tell. Both were quick makes, they're very easy to wear and fit into my wardrobe really well. I'm pretty sure I'll make some more dresses with the pattern, and possibly even some tops. ;-) 

I'll leave you with a picture of the delicious macarons we had... :-)