Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Last year's sewing dare revealed

While putting on one of my favorite jersey dresses today, I remembered that there is still quite a bit of last year's sewing that I never blogged about - including this dress, which is funny because I even took some decent pics of it last year! It's also part of the mini wardrobe capsule containing a dress, top and bottom, that Gillian challenged me to make for sewing dares (ahem, last year's spring). So, well, I'm blogging about it now. ;-)

1. the dress
It's one of those boring TNT jersey dresses. The raglan bodice is (as almost always) based on an Ottobre pattern, the a-line skirt is modified from the Onion twist dress, and as has become usual in the last year or two, I put a little tuck under the bust for a better fit. The fabric is a rather nice rayon jersey from stoffe.de with a lovely drape.
Despite being nothing special, it turned out to be a favorite, especially for work days. Blue jersey dresses somehow scream comfort for me, and I have at least one for every season. I don't have to think, putting them on, they just look effortlessly nice, while still letting me fade in the background, if I so chose. ;-)

I think I had 2 meters of that fabric, so with careful placing I managed to squeeze both the dress and a top onto my length of fabric.

2. the top
It's also a TNT of course, the aforementioned Ottobre raglan. Nothing special, beside a bit of ruching along the neckline, which I tend to do with half of my tops...
And for once, I managed to finish the hem and sleeves on my coverstitch machine.

3. the bottoms
Those are what took bloody long to make, and honestly, in the ten months I've had them, they have only been worn a couple of times. It's a pair of red linen Thurlow trousers.
It's a toss-up if the fabric or the fit is bothering me more. I wanted some nice, bottom-weight linen, and found some linen-rayon mix with a decent weight for a good price. Since I love both linen and rayon, I thought it was a good choice, but they hang heavier than I thought and they feel a little scratchy, despite several washes.
After making a muslin of the shorts version of the pattern in sz 12 (corresponding to my waist measurement, my hips falling into sz 10), which turned out huge, I went down two sizes and made these in size 8. It may just be the give of the linen, but they still turned out plenty big, so I took them in at the center back (which is sewn last for fit purposes), but that threw off the fit at the butt. They're also too big in the back thigh area, which I might have anticipated, not being a pear... Oh well. I'll probably give up on that pattern and maybe try the Ginger jeans in linen instead?

4. bonus project: another top
To round the collection out, I thought I'd throw this top in the mix. It's not pink, as you might think, but has thin red and white stripes. The pattern is actually an experiment, traced from a boatneck top I own and rather like. I like the neckline and little sleeves well enough, although I probably should have used a different finish for the neckline, which is only turned under and topstitched, and consequently tends to roll and gape a little.
It's certainly not perfect, and I'm still on the lookout for a good pattern with a nice, wide boatneck. But it makes for a nice casual top to go with my Ginger jeans, right?
Any recommendations for nice boatneck patterns?