Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Bombshell Swimsuit

Oh look, I made another swimsuit! And I found out how to not look totally uncomfortable while posing in my bathers - wearing shades and a hat. ;-)
The pattern is the Closet Case Files Bombshell Swimsuit - same as I made last year, but with the sweetheart neckline this time around. It's also been finished since the beginning of August, but the weather wasn't quite conductive for taking nice pictures - until the first week of September, when summer came back with a vengeance for a few days! :-)
I like this version even better. The sweetheart neckline is really pretty and it's got polka-dots! :-D Like the last one, the fabric for this was kindly sent to me by Gillian all the way from Canada (thanks, Gillian!), since it's obviously way easier to get nice swimsuit fabrics in Canada than in Germany - go figure...

Anyway, this one turned out really nice, although I'm still a bit in two minds about the practicality of the pattern. It really does look fabulous, but I didn't actually wear it for swimming, since the ruched fabric and two layers mean it gets dripping wet and doesn't dry very fast. It's perfect for lying on a beach towel, though! (Although I always feel a bit out of place on a German beach, where the credo is to wear as little as possible... ;-) ) Maybe a beach vacation is called for. :-)

Pattern notes:
For this version, I used actual swimsuit lining, which is a bit thinner and works better than the swimsuit fabric I used for lining last time. I also used my overlock machine for most of the construction and kept to the stated seam allowances, so this version, while fitting snugly, doesn't seem too small like the last one. I didn't quite like the method of attaching the straps after turning and topstitching, since it adds another visible line of stitching... I'll try to do them in one go next time around.