Friday, November 25, 2016

Life, the small things, and the big plans

Hi there! Oh wow, time is flying. It feels like summer was only a couple of weeks ago, and now it's almost December, the lovely golden days of fall are almost over and there are days where I feel cold in my regular fall coat. Despite having had some time on my hands, and the lovely sewing weather (cold and wet), my muse seems to have been on an extended break, and I haven't properly sewn anything in close to three months! Well, I've started on a few knickers made from scraps, and I've cut out a Colette Seamwork Elmira cardi. I could use the knickers, but I don't love sewing fold-over elastic. And I've generally just been in the mood to spend my free time in bed with a good book (or my mobile, reading Sherlock fanfiction, ahem). Add to that a couple of short vacations and starting on a new job...

Actually, I think I may be feeling guilty for procrastinating on my thesis. I've been supposed to do the statistic analysis for weeks now... Only, I've never actually done statistics before, never used the program before and only have the tiniest clue of what I'm supposed to be doing. I know it's not actually witchcraft, just a bit of maths and thinking and feeding data into the computer (which I'm actually reasonably good at), and I have a book an there's tons of tutorials out there, just... it feels like a huge undertaking. And I've had a lot of other stuff going on (like a vacation, and a weekend-getaway to London, and a choir concert at a club with a really mad choreography - and three concerts to go until mid-December). So of course hibernating under my bedclothes with a book was a lot more comfortable. But I guess I'll have to start with it at some point, before my supervisor kicks my ass, so. I've been thinking. A lot of things look huge and scary, if you haven't done them before. Sewing a pair of jeans seemed huge and scary, before I made my first pair of Ginger jeans. Sewing a coat seems huge and scary (even though I made an Anise wool jacket, complete with bound button holes, a couple of years ago). But I know it can be done!
So I thought I'd just break those two huge and scary undertakings, the statistical analysis of my thesis data and the sewing of a winter coat, into smaller, hopefully doable tasks. And alternate them. This way I can sew as a reward for putting in data.

That does sound reasonably smart, doesn't it?

I've started on research for both - reading introductions into statistics and the program I'm using, and looking through possible coat patterns. After lots and lots of searching (and buying the PDF of Burdastyle 7458, only to realize that it has 90 pages, which I sure as heck am not going to cut and tape...) I decided on a pattern from one of my Ottobre magazines, Dahlia from 05/2010.
I'll probably try to put some more buttons on. And the fabric is going to be that fabulous Rockabilly red herringbone wool from Fabworks...
And once I've got a start on that, maybe I will manage to get to the rest of my autumn-wintery to-sew list...

I did manage one thing during my sewing hiatus, though. Since the muse wasn't inclined to make garments, I spruced my sewing space up a bit, made covers for my overlock and coverlock machines, got a thread rack and a new sewing chair - it's all so much better organized now!

So, while this week was full with concert stuff and Thanksgiving dinners, and this weekend is choir rehersal weekend, I'm fully planning to use the convenience of my new job hours (an exhausting 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Monday means a free morning on Tuesday and free afternoons on Wednesday and Friday) to make inroads on this statistics and coatmaking business!

So, anyone else doing any pesky, challenging stuff lately?