Saturday, December 31, 2016

Reflections - Not quite a #sewingtop5

Hi folks! It's New Year's Eve and I've been procrastinating big time on a reflections and resolutions post. It feels like I haven't really sewn enough to actually properly take part in Gillian's #sewingtop5, and I've been quite prepared to tell you how meh this year has somehow felt for me, but it's the last day of the year, the sun is shining, we're preparing for an evening of board games with our friends and I've decided I'd rather tell you how thankful I am.

2016 was a year full of stuff happening that no-one really wanted, from the whole political shebang of Brexit-and-Trump to the dying of all those beloved celebrities (and some closer to home, like the dad of one of my friends). For us Berliners, it culmiated in a terrorist attack on a Christmas market more or less around the corner from where I live. I knew none of the people who died or were injured, but I easily could have. I easily could have been there, as could any of my friends. That we weren't is a stroke of luck or of fate. There were also some personal issues that I struggle with, this year, that I don't really want to get into here. I think I'm doing ok with them right now. But still.

All things considered, I'm so lucky that this year also held so many wonderful moments, with friends and family, spending time together, travelling, eating and drinking, having fun. I have no idea where on the balance of the scale this year would end up, if not for that. And for that, I'm really, really thankful.
Sewing-wise, I have to admit that nothing I've sewn this year really stands out. I sewed a few very practical things that got a lot of use (the navy Oslo cardi comes to mind, that I lost and then had to replace because it really goes with everything). The one dress that was the real highlight this year, reached for every time I wanted to look pretty, was actually one that I sewed late last year, so it doesn't really count.
the highlight and the workhorse

The rest partly just kinda seamlessly fit onto my wardrobe (like the Lola dresses I've never even blogged about) and partly has already been put into the donation bag (like the upcycled Bruyère shirt).
 the unblogged Lolas

My big goal for the year was to end with less stash than I started. Actually, the real goal was to only buy 1m of fabric for every 2m that I sewed up. That turned out to be quite a big fail, since I bought 58m of fabric and only sewed up 55m. Still, 3m on the plus side is way better than last year's 16m, and over half of the fabric (35m to be exact) I sewed up was from last year's stash. I also put some fabric on the side for a fabric swap or giveaway (that I meant to organize but never got around to), and I think I'll have another purge come spring. I even got the hang of weeding out some of those handmade garments that don't seem to fit (on my body or into my style) anymore. That feels like an accomplishment. :-)

The other big goal was to interact with the online sewing sphere a bit more. Get back to blog reading and commenting and blogging and taking part in challenges. And maybe updating the stuff around here (like the broken links and handmade wardrobe...). Well. Another big fail for 2016. And as it stands, I'm really not quite sure if I can manage it 2017, either. I know I could make the time, but there's always so much else going on and often, I really just want to sink onto the sofa and bury my nose in a book. I even thought about giving up about blogging and making do with Instagram and Twitter. But this is my small corner of the internet, so I really don't want to give up on it altogether.  So we'll see how it goes. And much thanks to the people who still come by to read and drop a comment occasionally! :-) That's quite lovely of you, thank you.

Here's to the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. May the new year have good things in store for us all. :-)

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A coat muslin

So just in time for the weather to turn freezing, I managed to trace my coat pieces and sew a muslin. Ottobre patterns tend to fit me pretty well, and I'm not really a dedicated maker of muslins, but with a project as involved as a coat (and such pretty and precious fabric), I'd rather be on the safe side...

So here's the (very blurry and unflattering) pictures:
All things considered, not a bad fit, I think. The waist hits a bit low for my taste, so I'm going to shorten the bodice pieces by a couple of centimeters.
The sleeves didn't fit on the piece of fabric I used for the muslin (a medium-ish weigh cotton canvas), so for now the muslin is sleeveless, but I may have to add them, since there's a bit of weirdness going on at the shoulders and arm scythe.
I'm thinking about doing a forward shoulder adjustment and taking away a bit of fabric from the top part of the front side piece. However, the coat is supposed to have shoulder pads, and putting them in almost corrected at least part of the problem... - or what do you think? There are still some unattractive folds along the front side piece, but I'm afraid of taking away too much, and having the end result turn out too small over the bust... maybe just a few millimeters?
I'd appreciate any feedback you can give - I'm pants at fitting most of the time, with the worst thing being actually cottoning on to fitting problems... ;-)